Donovan Vim Crony is a video artist, director, performer, educator and illustrator who is working and living out of Southern California.

His prime focus as an artist is to create compelling and provocative imagery that resonates the truth of Rock & Roll.
VIM CRONY STUDIOS has been producing professional music videos and documentaries for both up and coming and mainstream music artists for over ten years.

We create an atmosphere of reassurance and trust that our clients will be completely blown away by our work.

Please visit our VISION page for a concise preview of what we have to offer in our reel.
VCS is the choice for totally sincere creativity.  We provide RAW graphic design that cannot be rivaled.  Check out some of our comic book and graphic art samples.
VIM CRONY STUDIOS prides ourselves on developing a keen eye for dynamic composition.  We feel that our skilled drawing ability gives us an edge when it comes to developing an amazing image.
We produce a range of professional print quality media.  VCS is relentless when it comes to getting the word out through eye catching art.
Donovan Vim Crony has performed and exhibited video work since 1998.

His style of music ranges from underground hardcore punk to melodic industrial sounds that he composes via electronic devices.

He also considers his video installation work to be sculpture that transcends the normality of a surface experience.  His transformed environments bring life to the subconscious of the viewer.
DVC has also been teaching young people as a professional artist instructor for the past several years.

After receiving an Artist Residency at the Hollywood Media Art Academy in 2010, Donovan has made it his purpose to share all acquired knowledge about making radical art with his students.

There has been a focus on guiding the students through understanding software suites such as Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, and Toon Boom.